Mandaeans or Nasoreans

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Book or monograph Svend Aage Frederik Dichmann Pallis, Essay on Mandaean bibliography, 1560-1930, chronologically arranged, with annotations and an index preceded by an extensive critical and historical introduction on the Mandaeans, their language and literature and on Mandaean research up to 1930. London & Copenhagen: Philo Press, 1933. ISBN: 9060224426. pp.240.

Primary Sources

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Book or monograph Edwin Yamauchi, Mandaic Incantation Texts. 1967.

Secondary Sources

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On-line Resource Francis Crawford Burkitt [1864-1935], Church & Gnosis. A Study of Christian thought and speculation in the Second Century. The Morse Lectures For 1931Francis Crawford Burkitt [1864-1935], Church & Gnosis. A Study of Christian thought and speculation in the Second Century. The Morse Lectures For 1931. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1932. Hbk. pp.154. View in PDF format pdf [This material is in the Public Domain]
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On-line Resource Does the Shroud show a Mandaean burial? (Louis C. de Figueiredo)
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Sign-up to Perlego and access book instantly Edwin M. Yamauchi, Gnostic Ethics and Mandaean OriginsEdwin M. Yamauchi, Gnostic Ethics and Mandaean Origins. Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press, 2004. ISBN: 9781463209476. [Sign-up to Perlego and access book instantly]
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Sign-up to Perlego and access book instantly Edwin M. Yamauchi, Mandaic Incantation TextsEdwin M. Yamauchi, Mandaic Incantation Texts. Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press, 2005. ISBN: 9781463210229. pp.436. [Sign-up to Perlego and access book instantly]

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