Hermas' Shepherd


HERMAS Pilgrim’s Progress of the Church of the second century," Dean Stanley], a name under which a book has come down to us, called the Shepherd (pastor, …), and held in high esteem by the early Church [quoted by Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, etc.]. The title Shepherd evidently was derived from the first words of the angel to the author, "I am the shepherd" …

Text. - We are now in possession of two Greek copies, - the one in the Sinaitic manuscript, discovered 1859 (not complete); the other in the Leipzig manuscript, together with three pages found on Mount Athos. Editions appeared at Leipzig by RUD. ANGER(1856), TISCHENDORF (1856), DRESSEL(1863), HILGENFELD(1866), [2d ed. 1881]. There are two Latin translations, —the Vulgata and the Palatina (in the Vatican Library). The Vulgata was first edited by Faber Stapulensis, Paris, 1513; since then many times. Rilgenfeld’s edition (Leipzig, 1873) is critical. D’Abbadie issued an Ethiopic translation, Leipzig, 1860. its probable date is 543. The edition of Gebhardt and Harnack (Patres Apost., Leipzig. 1877), based upon the Sinaitic manuscript, is the best.

Contents. - The book contains a number of visions accorded to Hermas. Their intent is to arouse Hermas, and the Church through him, to repentance. The time of repentance is limited, and will soon be at an end. The uniformity of style stamps the whole as one composition. The author divides the book into two parts; an aged woman explaining the visions of the first part, an angel those of the second. The visions contain revelations, commandments (to believe in the one God, practise alms, avoid falsehood and fornication, etc.), and similitudes. Hermas was neither a Judaizing Christian (Schwegler, Lipsius), nor an intense Paulinian, but a member of the orthodox church of his day.

Authorship. - The opinions may be reduced to four: (1) Relying upon the testimony of the Muratorian canon, a real Hermas, the brother of Bishop Pius (139-154), was author (Heyne, Gebhardt, Harnack); (2) Relying upon the statement in the book itself (Vis. II. 4, 3), that Herinas delivered the book to Clement, assumed to be Clement of Rome, the author is regarded as having been his contemporary (Gaab, Caspari, Alzog, Zahn); (3) Hermas wrote his book under Pius, but gave himself out for a contemporary of Clement, or for the Hermas of Rom. xvi. 14 (Behm, Ewald, Credner, Ritsehl, Hefele, Dorner, Thicrsch); (4) an unknown author of the second century who simulated the old Hermas (Schwegler, Lechler, Hilgenfeld, Lange, Donaldson). We hold to the first view, on the ground of the explicit statement in the Muratorian canon. The Clement referred to in the book is not necessarily Clement of Rome. The condition of the Church represented is that of the first half of the second century, with its Gnostic errors and its hypocrites. The work was probably written about 130, for we are not shut up to the period between 139-154, which, according to Lipsius, was the term of Pius’ administration. Pius was not bishop in our sense, but a prominent presbyter. The book of Hermas speaks only of presbyters in the Roman Church (comp. Vis. II. 2, 6; III. 8, etc.).

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